We all know Derek Jeter. We know Eli Manning, we know Willis Reed and we know Mark Messier. They are the stars that captivated millions of New York sports fans, and are forever etched into the minds of even the most casual sports fan in the Empire State.

But, what about the other guys? The players that, while not internationally recognizable, were still heroes at one point or another. The athletes, and people, that deserve more credit than they're given for the role they played in memorable New York sports moments.

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It's about time we give some credit to the other guys; the underrated heroes in New York sports. Some of these heroes are role players, the kind of teammate that isn't lighting up the box score every night, but makes big plays when the game is on the line.

Others are team executives and coaches, who made singular decisions that sent a chain reaction through the sports world. Or, maybe they're fans, who were in the right place at the right time, and changed the course of history.

Today, we're honoring those other guys, and telling the stories of ten underrated heroes in New York sports history. This one's for you all.

The Ten Most Underrated Heroes in New York Sports History

We all know Jeter, we know Manning, and we know Willis Reed. But, what about the other guys, the quieter heroes, that still made a major impact on New York sports?

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