Boston Red Sox

'Cheers' Bar Closing In Real Life
2020 continues to be one of the worst years in recorded history. The list of reasons I would actually grace Boston, Massachusettes with my presence just went down one. The 'Cheers' bar built in honor of the iconic TV show by the same name is closing its doors due to issues revolving around…
5 Tips To Make Your Lawn Look Like A Professional Baseball Field
On Monday, Alex Feuz Interviewed David Mellor, head groundskeeper at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox. He gave 5 pieces of advice to help our lawn look as best as possible. 

Should we be fertilizing our yard? 

Contact your county extension agent or local university for information on collecting a s…
Buster Olney Updates Levack And Goz On The State Of The MLB
This was supposed to be opening day for the MLB 2020 season but as we all know the world has changed drastically. Even though we don't have the game we love today we still have our friend Buster Olney. Buster shares his insight and opinions about where the league goes from here as well as other…
MLB Teams Pledge $1 Million Each To Help Ballpark Employees
According to ESPN MLB Senior Writer Jeff Passan all 30 MLB teams have pledged $1 Million each to help out of work ballpark employees. The total of $30 Million dollars will help all of the employees who will be out of work until the league returns. The return date will hopefully be mid May.
Vegas Has Adjusted The Win Totals For Yankees, Mets And Red Sox
Every year before the MLB regular season starts the odds makers in Las Vegas set a win total for every team. Like this year the Yankees' total was set at 95.5 wins, the Mets 84.5 and the Red Sox 95.5. Based on the the teams performance pre All Star break the totals are reset. This is a pretty g…

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