No this isn't about more Arod bashing from me. This is about how the Yankees recover from the displaced fracture in his left hand after being plunked-the 3rd Yankee hit-Tuesday night in Seattle by Felix Hernandez. More on that in a moment.

Rodriguez is out 6-8 weeks. Well at least if he fails as usual in the playoffs he now has an excuse, and he will use that excuse. The Yanks are fine at the hot corner because they have a very capable back up in Eric Chavez. Many fans forget how good Chavez was when he starred for the Oakland A's. In many ways he has out performed Arod but the numbers on the contract predicate that Rodriguez plays more .often.

If I were a Yankee fan I wouldn't panic at all. Now to be fair Arod has been making better contact and his offensive game has picked up on a rather dismal west coast trip for the club (now 1-5).

Until his latest surge Arod has been a failure this year at the dish. He only has 44 rbi's right now. His latest surge put his average over .270. Chavez though, winner of 4 gold gloves with Oakland is hitting .269 with 8 long flys and  20 rbi's in far less plate appearences then Rodriguez. The Yanks have Jason Nix for a backup and they have recalled Ramiro Pena from triple A to take Arods spot. Alex has 352 ab's to Chavez's 156 so less then half..Pro rate that and you have better offensive numbers. Arod has 15 Home runs so far. Nix has done a nice job as the jack of all positions for the Yanks.

The Yanks won't miss a beat with the former steroid cheat, either on offense or defense. Reporters floated several names that could be  available to trade for including Chone Figgins of Seattle and Ty Wgginton of Philadelphia. GM Brian Cashman shot down those average at best players saying " I am not going to gut my minor league system for any of those guys". other names flaoting are Chase Headley of the Padres and Placido Polanco of the Phils.

There is NO reason for the Yankees to pursue any of these guys. Rodriguez should be back before the end of the year to get a few games in and besides when he fails in the post season as i mentioned he now has a built in excuse. Chavez and Nix can handle the position just fine until Rodriguez comes back!

On another front 3 yanks were plunked by King Felix Hernandez Tuesday night. Arod, Derek Jeter, and Ichiro. All late in the game. The big question for me is will Ivan Nova in Wednesday's matinee or perhaps next weekend when the Mariners come to the Bronx extract any revenge for the 3 hit batsman. Not for 1 second do I think that Hernandez was accidental in hitting all 3. This will tell much about the Yankees toughness as far as I am concerned!

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