David Wright made the unbelievable mistake of believing Mets brass and Sandy Alderson that this ship in Queens would turn around and head down the right waters.  And so, Wright agreed to stay for 14 years and $192 million.  Great contract.  Great money.  He stays as the face of the franchise.  Wright still lives in the greatest city of them all.  But one of the best players in the game won't be seeing many playoff appearances, and that is where players separate their careers from others in the annals of baseball and sports.  Which brings us to Wright's teammate, Matt Harvey.  Harvey is the new thing in baseball.  He is the new pitcher.  Stephen Strasburg who?  Harvey attacks and has four pitches and passes the "look test."  If he had a bullpen, Harvey might have 14 wins.

Harvey is pre-arbitration eligible for $499,999 in 2013, arbitration eligible in 2016 and a free agent in 2019.  That means the Mets have control of Harvey until 2019.  But the messed up part is that Harvey right now is one of the best pitchers in the game at age 24.  And his team is brutal.  But some older pitchers who have already been through this arbitration train are on the downside of their careers making millions and millions of dollars and aren't producing like Harvey.  The team that regressing pitcher is on could be a good team but not a GREAT team, and one reason is simply because the pitcher isn't a dominant ace anymore (CC Sabathia with the Yankees).

Harvey should demand the money now.  He should get a marketing plan from the Mets' front office.  He should see if the Mets will really be winning in two or four or six or eight or 10 years.  If there is no success in sight, Harvey should walk right out of Citi Field and Queens in 2019 (or sooner if that's even possible) no matter what the contract says.

Harvey needs to pitch for a contender.  For him and for us as selfish baseball fans.  After all, one Felix Hernandez situation is frustrating enough.

By:  Mike Lindsley, "Mid-Day with Mike," M-F 1-4, Yankees pre/post game host on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.  Follow him on Twitter at Twittert.com/MikeLSports.com.  

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