America has long been called a melting pot, and within the United States, there are a number of regions, cities and towns that reflect that trait, too.

The Capital Region is right there on that list.

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A number of immigrants have come to the United States, and have settled in Albany, Schenectady, or another area within the Capital Region. Whether they are looking for a steady job, a better environment for their families, or a stronger education system for their kids, there are a number of reasons why new U.S. residents may choose the Capital District to be their first home.

The website Stacker put together a list, using data compiled from the U.S. Census, on how many immigrants moved to the Capital Region as of 2019's five-year estimates. The tracked the number of immigrants from each country, and generated a list of the Top 50 countries that are represented in the Albany area.

Some, like the United Kingdom and Canada, are not surprising in the slightest. Others, however, were a bit more surprising, especially when you take into account where they were ranked against other, more familiar countries.

We condensed Stacker's list down to the Top 25, and used that info along with information gained from New York Upstate's article on the same topic, to present the Top 25 countries that have sent immigrants to the Capital Region.

These 25 Nations Send the Most Immigrants to the Capital Region

Countries across the world have immigrants that travel to the United States, and settle in the Capital Region. These countries have sent more than most.

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