Former New York Giants' running back, Brandon Jacobs, is eyeing an NFL comeback. Now, this isn't the headline, as a number of former NFL players have had comebacks over the last few years, both successful and not.

With Tim Tebow stealing the NFL headlines with his comeback attempt, Jacobs decided to join the fray and discuss a comeback on Twitter. And, like Tebow, Jacobs wants to make a a completely different position.

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See the difference?

Jacobs did have two 1,000 yard rushing seasons, the latter of which also featured 15 touchdowns. He played nine total seasons in the NFL, eight of which with the Giants, and was part of two Super Bowl championship-winning teams. But folks, he's THIRTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD! Coming back at that age, and as a defensive end after an entire career as a running back, doesn't seem very likely.

If nothing else, at least Tebow a) is five years younger and b) has been in professional sports in some capacity since he left the NFL. Both seem like a bit of a long-shot, the odds are squarely in Tebow's favor if we're comparing the two.

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