Don't let the picture fool you, I am no Olympic athlete. However Kara Anne Joyce is. The two time Silver Medalist began training for her Olympic achievements in the Capital Region!

Q: Now the amazing part about it is that you have some connections here to Upstate New York: Albany and Rochester. First, as they may not know, what is your connection to Saratoga?

Joyce: Okay so, I started swimming when I was 5 in Saratoga at the YMCA, Saratoga Stingrays. I wanted to be a gymnast, my brothers wanted to be on the swim team.So obviously I joined the swim team, we compromised haha. But I'm six feet tall so gymnastics never would've worked out. But yeah, that was my start with the Saratoga Stingrays and then I swam for the Albany Starfish for a little bit too and then moved over to Rochester.

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