With Social Distancing making workouts, physicals and day to day training difficult to say the least it's really awesome to see how far the Bills and Jets quarterbacks are going to improve their games. Josh Allen of the Bills, Sam Darnold of the Jets and Kyle Allen of the Redskins are locked down with QB Guru Jordan Palmer.

According to an article on ESPN.com the three were already planning on pretty much living this way before the pandemic.

"Not much has changed. It's just been a little harder to find a place to throw or find a place to work out," Kyle Allen said. "We're getting good work in and trying to adapt to all of this, like everyone else is."

The Allen combination might have to move in with Darnold, as their lease expires this week. They did not plan to stay longer than April, as teams -- in a normal year -- would have resumed workouts by then. Kyle Allen told SI.com that he doesn't want to return home to Arizona because one of his mother's coworkers tested positive for COVID-19, and his mother is now in the midst of a 14-day quarantine.

With the three working on the beach and only working on football (and video games) hopefully they will all advance their skills this season. Kyle Allen could force a QB controversy in Washington which could be great for the Giants.

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