Check this out:


The UFC fighter who's scheduled to take on Holly Holm in July miraculously escaped injury in a violent shootout in Peru ... though her trainer was shot while exchanging gunfire with the bad guys.
The woman caught in the crossfire is Valentina Shevchenko -- who was reportedly dining at a restaurant in Lima when three gun-toting men in motorcycle helmets came in to rob the place.
Shevchenko's trainer, Pavel Fedotov, pulled out his own firearm and began shooting at the robbers -- causing them to flee.
But during their retreat, one of the robbers shot Fedotov in the gut ... sending him crashing to the ground. Security footage shows Shevchenko rushing to her trainer's aid.

This is why I don't travel to South America. Mexico is not the only country where you can get shot anytime anywhere. This is also another reason why having the Olympics in Brazil is INSANE.

Other reasons include:

1- City is not nearly ready.
2- The water where the events will take place is full of feces.
3- Too many bribes and not enough getting done.
4- Unreal rate of kidnapping.
5- Did I mention the place sucks?

So, move them to Australia already and stay away from South America.