Police agencies often conduct random checks on establishments that sell alcohol - bars, restaurants, liquor stores, supermarkets, convenience stores etc. On Friday, New York State Police set their sights on almost two dozen locations where alcohol is sold or served.

The method police used in in this investigation involved at least one police officer in plain clothes and one or more people that are under age, but working with police. The under age operative is not allowed to lie about their age to the alcohol seller. If the operative is asked to provide identification, they must provide their actual ID. In a nutshell, police are making sure ID's are being checked and if so, alcohol is not being served to anyone under age.

A total of 22 establishments were checked for compliance in the sting. Eighteen locations passed and four failed.

Establishments that were found to be in compliance are as follows:

  • Sunoco, Albany Shaker Rd, Albany
  • Speedway, Wolf Rd, Colonie
  • Sand Creek Wine & Liquor, Wolf Rd, Albany
  • Hannaford, Wolf Rd, Colonie
  • CVS, Sand Creek Rd, Colonie
  • Mobil, Sand Creek Rd, Colonie
  • Hooters, Wolf Rd, Colonie
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club, Central Ave, Albany
  • Empire Wine & Liquor, Central Ave, Albany
  • Target, Central Ave, Albany
  • Beer Universe, Central Ave, Albany
  • Stewart’s Shop, Fuller Rd, Albany
  • CVS, Western Ave Floor G, Albany
  • Top Shelf Wine & Liquor, Western Ave, Albany
  • Across the Street Pub, Western Ave, Albany
  • CVS, Western Ave, Albany
  • Sunoco, Western Ave, Albany
  • Rite-Aid, Western Ave, Albany

And the locations that failed the inspection:

  • JT Maxie’s Bar & Grill, Wolf Rd, Albany
  • Chili’s Grill & Bar, Wolf Rd, Colonie
  • TGI Friday’s, Western Ave, Albany
  • University Wine & Liquor, Western Ave, Albany

A total of four people were charged for unlawfully dealing with a minor, a misdemeanor.

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