During the course of his career, Buffalo Bills' star QB Josh Allen has seen his status rise from star football player to celebrity in a relatively short amount of time. In 2023, the five-year NFL veteran is now followed by paparazzi on occasion, and will even find himself at the center of celebrity relationship rumors.

A new rumor is circulating about Allen and a celebrity crush, after the two were seen together on vacation in Mexico.

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Bills' QB Josh Allen Seen on Vacation with 'Marvel' Actress Hailee Steinfeld

The following story has celebrity gossip addicts buzzing, and football fans mildly interested. Both scenarios are playing out because Buffalo Bills' QB Josh Allen was seen on vacation in Mexico with Hailee Steinfeld, an actress famous for a number of works, including some in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A few shots captured by paparazzi photographers have been circulating online. Take a look at these tweets:

The 27-year old Allen is now single, after splitting from girlfriend Brittany Williams earlier this year. The 26-year old Steinfeld, meanwhile, dated 'One Direction' bandmate Niall Horan back in 2017 and 2018, but had not been officially connected to any other celebrity partners until now.

Keep in mind, this information was sourced on Wikipedia, so bear with me.

Of course, you'll have a group of hardcore fans that will claim that this is a distraction, and that Allen should be focused on winning a Super Bowl and repairing his relationship with Stefon Diggs as opposed to taking a vacation.

And to that, I simply say...who cares. If the paparazzi had been slightly less diligent on that day, we'd never know that any of this had transpired. Josh Allen is a superstar, and brings more attention to the Buffalo Bills than single Bills player in at least the last two decades. Like it or not, this is who he is, and who he is going to be for quite some time

So, let him enjoy his time off, and hopefully, he'll return from vacation rejuvenated and ready to dominate in Buffalo once again.

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