Right now, there's a farmer out in Schoharie County or Schaghticoke kicking themselves because they didn't turn their cornfield into a haunted attraction.  And while I'm always happy to support local businesses, I think I may have reached my limit.

I spent $135 on two tickets for two adults to go on a hayride this weekend.  Yes, you read that correctly; a hayride. 

And I get it, local businesses struggled during the pandemic, and that probably factors into the overall cost, but at what point does COVID inflation start to flatten out?

Full disclosure, I did upgrade our haunted hayride to a VIP package which not only gets us on the ride faster but also gets us cider and donuts.  $135 bucks, though...

Thank goodness I didn't tell my father how much I paid, I can hear him now.

"BRIAN! You paid how much?  Are are you an idiot? If you guys want to be scared," he'd say "gimme $5 bucks I'll throw some straw in the back of the car, wear a mask and I'll take you and Samantha for a drive through Albany at night with the windows down then I'll take you to Dunkin' after so you can eat!"

And the crazy thing is, he's not wrong.

But I don't feel bad about it, and I don't feel ripped off either  Sure, it's a bit expensive, but for Samantha and me, it's kind of our thing.  We've done haunted stuff all over the state every year since we started dating seven years ago, and we'll do it again - perhaps spending even more - next year!

Photo: Brian Cody TSM
Photo: Brian Cody  TSM


My very wise and economically savvy sister, Sherri, texted me when she heard how much I spent.

"My cruise," she said, "was only $1000 more...8 nights in paradise!"

She's not wrong.

But does that include spider cider and warm cider donuts?

Photo: Brian Cody TSM
Photo: Brian Cody TSM

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