There seems to be a disturbing trend where criminals around the country walk into a store and walk out with items they didn't pay for. They brazenly do it in broad daylight and don't seem phased by video cameras.

What you will see in the video below is a man doing just that last week at a Syracuse music store. Watch the footage captured on store surveillance and you will witness the crime as well as store employees giving chase and even being dragged by the getaway vehicle. Can you identify this suspect?

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On Thursday January 20, 2022, Gorham Brothers Music in Syracuse was open for business as usual. A "customer" walked into the store, waved to the employees and proceeded to grab a guitar off the wall and walk back out the front door. This took all of approximately :15 seconds. Brothers Music Brothers Music

The individual gives a wave to employees. Is the suspect a regular in the store? Based on a comment from the Gorham Brothers Music Facebook Page, store officials believe this person has been in the store before. Brothers Music Brothers Music

Help us catch this thief! Our store was burglarized on Thursday January 20th 2022. This person ran out with a Schecter Reaper-6 (Inferno Burst). He had an early model red Jeep Cherokee (90's?) with large mud tires waiting for him (female driver). It has the yellow NYS license plate. - Gorham Brothers Music Brothers Music Brothers Music

Store employees immediately gave chase! Brothers Music Brothers Music

They say you shouldn't give chase. You should call the police. I'm with these guys as I am guessing they just went with an instinctual reaction, chased the criminal and even got dragged by the getaway vehicle! Brothers Music Brothers Music

If you have any information that could lead to the identification of the suspect contact Gorham Brothers Music at 315-214-3573 or

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