Vince Carter is preparing for his 19th season in the NBA. He is an 8 time NBA All Star a 3 time  All-NBA and former Rookie of the Year. Despite his individual success on the court, Carter is most known for his vicious dunks during his almost two decade long career. Carter's win in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest is considered one of the greatest performances in the event's history. Below are his dunks from that contest over sixteen years ago.

In 2016 Minnesota Timberwolves star Zach LaVine won his second consecutive dunk Contest. Both LaVine and the runner-up ,Orlando Magic's Aaron Gordon, put on,an incredible performance that had drawn comparisons to Carter's in 2000. Carter was asked recently asked if he could still compete in the dunk contest.

Carter would be forty years old in February 2017, the time in which this year's NBA dunk contest would take place.Despite his age a showdown between Carter and Lavine has the potential to be one of the great show downs in the contest's history. Would you want to see Vince Carter return to the dunk contest? Let us with a comment below or