Great news for Buffalo Bills fans.

Buffalo Bills star pass rusher Von Miller had some good and exciting news to share on Monday afternoon. Miller, who has been out with an injury since last Thanksgiving, gives some hope that he could be back for training camp and for the season opener this year against the New York Jets.

I have good information from my doctor and my knee is all healed up,” Miller said after hosting his pass rush summit in suburban Las Vegas. “It’s all about me and how confident I can be (over) the next three months.”

“Now I have to start working on my conditioning and position-specific drills and need to start transitioning back into a football player and not just a guy who is rehabbing and getting my leg strong", he said according to the Buffalo News.

It all depends on how the Buffalo Bills want to strategize Miller, though. They could let him rest longer to ensure the odds are better that he will be available to play later in the season as well. Von Miller won the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos back in 2015 with Peyton Manning at quarterback. Miller says he trusts Buffalo Bills Brandon Beane and the Buffalo Bills coaching staff.

What are the Super Bowl odds? What are the odds the Buffalo Bills win the 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

  • Kansas City Chiefs +650
  • Philadelphia Eagles +700
  • Buffalo Bills +800

The odds change slightly for the most part depending on what site you look at. These stats are currently updated from

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