Actual games in the sports world continues to be paused but luckily for us the passion of sports fans continues. We appreciate you continuing to connect with the show via social media. Each week at 4pm we highlight the best of the best in Socially Awkward Media 

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Below are the early entries for this week's list. Make sure to continue to submit until 4pm today.

Sean on facebook-why would LaMelo Ball buy an Australian basketball team?

Giants Rule-Jordan, Robinson, Stockton. It's by the slimmest of margins for me though

Peter-going to do the play call for the birth of baby Gozz if this quarantine goes on that long?

John-So it looks like Jose Bautista is trying to reinvent himself as a relief pitcher and two way player. I'm not going to be able to listen today and would love to know your thoughts, any chance of uploading the audio if you end up covering it?

Onefourmrty (one following me)-First sport back kills it in coverage. Let’s go Bundasliga! Levak is going to have to watch soccer and like it cryiing emoji

Andrew-can you play wicked garden by stone temple pilots???

Alan On the App-New jack vs Vinnie traffic guy!!! Mania 37 no rules!!! No DQ!!!

Jesse- This is a waste of time because we all know Stone Cold's beer bath is the greatest Albany sports moment of all time.

The God Pigeon-Wrestlemania 37 Undertaker versus Gozzy Bear in Bum on the Street Match

Insatgram on levack's bread

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