With Brett Gardner out, Nick Swisher inconsistent and a lack of big time hitting with two outs, the Yanks acquired Ichiro Suzuki from Seattle. What kind of an impact could he have for New York? Keep reading.


1. New life

Baseball has been brutal in Seattle, to say the least, the last several years. Ichiro is having a down year for him, but he automatically joins a high-powered offense and pennant contender. This could pump new life into the Japanese star.

2. Clutch Hitting

The Yanks hit too many home runs and haven't gotten big hits consistently. Ichiro is a very good situational hitter and bunter. This should help the Yankees manufacture runs and help the cause in winning more close games.

3. Marketing

Remember Hideki Matsui? Yankee staff members who work in sales could make a mint off of Japanese companies looking to buy more advertisements with the Bombers. Plus, think t-shirts and apparel. And if Ichiro re-signs long enough for his 3,000th hit in pinstripes? Forget about it.

4. Outfield Help

Gardner is toast for the year and you can't rely on Swisher. Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez are serviceable but getting old. Ichiro can spell time in both left and right fields.

5. Professionalism

Don't worry about chemistry breaking down with Ichiro. He is a hard worker who leads by example and respects the game. He should fit right in.

Article by Mike Lindsley from PinstripePassion.com