Each Thursday at 4pm, we present "Socially Awkward Media". This week we are broadcasting live from Arsenal City Tavern in Watervliet for a Bud Light Super Bowl Sendoff show. Since we are following UAlbany basketball against LIU-Brooklyn. This week's segment will likely air at 6pm. The segment has become many listeners' favorites as it has always become so unpredictable.However this week, I believe it maybe be THE WORST edition in show history. Why the worst? The negativity, the bad jokes, and flat out rudeness dominated the messages.

The weekly segment spotlights the best and worst social media posts from the past week from 1045 The Team's social media platforms and Levack and Goz's. .Some of the posts want answers to burning sports topics, while others, well... don't. Below is who made this week's Top 10 list. Plus listen to Levack and Goz's reaction to some of the tweets below.


Bill-After game was played! Huffing glue again over at ESPN LMAO.THEN Wade Hansen

Jeff-Well, Rocky sucked soo...

Gator-I thought it was a no-brainer but I went the other way because Remember the Titans was based on a true story

Stan-Cano is another lazy player. Just like Sanchez. You can’t fix lazy. One lazy slug is enough. Don’t want him in pinstripes

Matt-Let’s talk about the only professional hockey team in the capital region the Adirondack Thunder

Andrew-they SHOULD, but then again, look at the loss of the Albany Devils to show the track record of hockey fans in the Capital Region.

Dan-I dont usually fo this, but I agree with @THEjefflevack on this Eli talk.

Darrell-Yes!!!! Great news! This means more posts from people flipping out every time a horse gets put down

Mike-since we're talking so much Arizona and MLB, how about Arizona fall league update

Mighty Egghead-PLEASE tell me @TomGozz is NOT one of these people


Remember you can always let your opinion be head by either posting on our official Facebook page (facebook.com/1045theteam) or by tweeting at us directly (@TheJeffLevack, @TomGozz) It's possible that next Thursday, your post could be read on Socially Awkward Media.

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