Every parent wants to send their students to a school that invests in their kids.

Investing in students comes in a variety of forms: top-notch faculty and staff, quality materials to use in classrooms, musical instruments and athletic equipment...the list is endless.

Some school districts are able to provide these types of resources more frequently than others, and a new study has emerged that shows which schools in the Capital Region are investing in their students more than most.

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A recent story from ABC News 10 in Albany shares data compiled by the website Wallethub, which is described as a personal finance website. The folks at Wallethub researched the amount of money that is spent on each student by each individual school district, and used them as part of a rankings system.

To complete the rankings, Wallethub also researched the average household income of the families that send students to the schools in those districts. They created a "scoring system" that weighted these financial totals against one another, and the "average scores" were used to rank school districts in the Capital Region on their financial equality.

The most equitable school district is ranked first, while the least equitable is ranked last.

ABC News 10 breaks down the scoring system a bit further:

"For each 1% above the state’s average, Wallethub removed one point from a base score of 50 points for each district. For household income, for each 1% above the state’s average, Wallethub added one point to a base score of 50 points for each district. The inverse was true for each 1% below the state’s average."

What these "scores" show me, is that there is a massive disparity in the education that students in the Capital Region receive. Of course, quality of education is not solely predicated on money, but every parent knows that the more money a school spends on their students, the more benefit the students are likely to get from attending that school.

So, is your school district among the most equitable in the Capital Region? We break down the top ten schools below, including a few more as honorable mentions.

Is your school district footing the bill?

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