Will Brown has been named the next Head Coach of the Albany Patroons. Coach Brown joined Big Board Sports to discuss the big move and talk about what it means for him and for the city. Make sure to listen above and see Coach's reaction to the response of the community below:

"The feedback that I have received, some words that have been thrown at me has been stability, credibility and legitimacy. I don't know if all that is fair but I appreciate the kind words as far as what people think that I bring to the organization. But I am also smart enough to realize that the CBA back in the day back in the Patroons heyday was the feeder system to the NBA so a guy like Mario Elle can come to the Patroons, have a good month or a good year and get called right up to the NBA. Phil Jackson and George Karl can win a CBA championship and be the next coach of the Chicago Bulls...the TBL, it is different. It is a different time and a different era. With that being said, my goal is to compete for championships and help our players achieve their goals and dreams."

Why are the Mets’ struggling to hire a President of Baseball operations? Every candidate they’ve reached out to either says no right up front, or withdraws from consideration. I don’t understand it. The Mets have a winning roster, with a bright future. And the Mets have an owner in Steve Cohen who will spend money. There has to be a young promising assistant GM out there, that would love the opportunity to run the Mets. The longer it takes, the longer it goes without the Mets’ hiring a new manager.

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