There comes a point where you start to wonder why anyone would throw out a first pitch? When it goes well you never hear about it BUT if you bounce, sail or miss the catcher all together it lives on forever. The latest celebrity to blow the first pitch is NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton. Walton is one of Goz's heroes so when Goz gets his second chance to throw out a first pitch will he do better than his hero?

Bill Walton's first pitch was so bad that they delayed the start of the Padres' game so he could throw a second pitch, which was a nice pitch in all fairness. Goz once bounced a first pitch at the Palace theater before the Pete Rose show. So our friends at the Tri City Valley Cats have been nice enough to invite Goz to throw out the first pitch before the August 22nd game. Will he do better than Walton? Will he do better than our friend Albany Empire Wide Receiver Malachi Jones?

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