The Buffalo Bills are about to embark on a 2021 season that hopefully ends in a Super Bowl championship. The team has the firepower to accomplish that and fans in Buffalo are as hyped as they have ever been before a season.

Fans will be back in the stands at Highmark Stadium and there is one Bills fan who is hoping to be there this year.

WKBW reports that a teenager named Andrew Bennett in Attica is often on the side of the road with a big sign that reads, "Honk if you like the Bills."

According to Andrew's grandmother, he has autism and epilepsy. Doctors warned his family that if he ever had a seizure that he could not make it.

Andrew has never been to a Bills game in Orchard Park, but he wishes to get to one and he also would love nothing more than to meet two of his favorite players: Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.

Andrew will continue to hold his sign in Attica and Bills fans driving by will honk in support.

This story is so touching and knowing Josh and Stefon, they will make it a point to meet Andrew if they hear about his story.

The Western New York community is unmatched and supporting and sharing stories such as Andrew's is what I love about this community and its big heart.

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