About three years ago we began an amazing partnership with our friends at Bud Light. They make it possible for not only us but a lucky listener and guest to go to the Super Bowl. Well three years ago they gave us a small cooler full of Bud Light to make the announcement about the Super Bowl Send off. So this week in studio Producer Woods and I stumbled across five of those beers. The born on date was 04/17/14. Meaning these bad boys are almost a 1000 days past where Bud Light would recommend you drink them. Woods wanted the cooler and I wanted to see someone drink one of those Bud Lights. By the way the can's logo was like three Bud Light Logos ago.

Goz and our friends at Bud Light thought it was a bad idea so we put it to a vote and surprise surprise almost everyone wanted Woods to drink one....so he did. I might of grabbed one myself. You'll have to push play to find out.

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