Geocaching is the world's largest treasure hunt and apparently there are nearly 3,000 hidden treasures throughout the Capital Region. With the help of your GPS, look in trees, under park benches and along hiking trails for containers called "geocaches". Find enough of them and earn a trackable Geocoin.

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First step is to sign up at Then download the Geocaching app or follow the coordinates of the caches listed on the website. Now it's time to explore! Within minutes I realized that there are over 900 'hides' within 10 miles of my home in Niskayuna and I have accepted the 2021 New York State Geocache Challenge, which ends November 11th, 2021!

According to the New York State Parks site, volunteers and New York State Park workers have concealed more than 230 geocaches with items like stickers, toy cars, and figurines in 56 State Parks and Historic Sites in Central New York, the Saratoga-Capital Region and the Hudson Valley.

If you find at least 45 caches (at least 35 in a specific region, and up to 10 in either of the other two regions) you will receive a geocache challenge geocoin representing the primary region. Some state parks may have an entrance fee but the geocaches that are part of the challenges are free to find and access.

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