The Bills have been criticized for having one of the worst free-agency signings in the off-season this year.  But was it really one of the worst?

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Pro Football Network went through a list of some of the worst off-season signings in the NFL this year.  The Bills made that list with the signing of Connor McGovern from the Dallas Cowboys.

Is the signing of Connor McGovern the worst in the NFL?

The article from Pro Football Network claims that the Bills just grabbed the wrong McGovern.  There's a Connor McGovern who is on the Jets that is pretty good.  However, the McGovern that the Bills signed is still rather unproven.  He's been injured a lot and is reportedly a below-average run blocker.

But how will we know until we actually see him on the field?  With the right coaching and a new scheme, he could turn out to be the biggest steal of free agency.  We won't know until we get some hands in the dirt.

A bad free agency signing isn't always about the player

Some would argue that it isn't always about the player.  Sometimes a free agency signing that puts the team at a disadvantage with the contract offered could register as a "bad signing."

In the case of McGovern, his contract creates $4 million in dead cap space in the third year which would make it tough to cut him if he isn't working out as expected.

So what makes a free agency signing a bad one?

There are a number of factors that add into whether a signing was a good one.  Does the player produce on the field?  Are they injury prone?  Does the contract reflect what you're getting from the player?  Are they going to quit at halftime?

All these things add to whether or not a signing is a good one...or one of the worst of all time.

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