In an ultimate "Troll" move the fine people of USC have found a way to take a ridiculous punishment and make it someone else's problem. Back in the early 2000's the NCAA and USC probed USC and found that among other issues Football star Reggie Bush had violated NCAA policies by accepting gifts from agents and forfeiting his amateur status. The punishment to the school was to forfeit wins like the final two games of the 2004 championship season as well as the 2005 season.

I've always said forfeiting wins is stupid because we all saw the games and they happened. USC has figured out a fun way to make this University of Texas and Texas' fans problem. Basically if the 2005 season never happened and effectively doesn't count for the Trojans then it doesn't count for the teams they played the Texas Longhorns that beat USC in the 2005-2006 National championship game 41-38. So Texas may be the champs but who did they beat?

Texas fan and former cyclist Lance Armstrong is not happy. He Tweeted out "Negative @USC, we were there. You lost the game fair and square. Btw, @ReggieBush is a f*cking legend that you sh*t all over."

Again Texas beat USC and just because the NCAA can't think of a better punishment doesn't change that. However this is hysterical watching USC use it to fire up Texas and their fans.

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