First off, I'm mildly shocked that Quidditch is a real world sport. If you've watched or read about Harry Potter you're familiar with Quidditch. It's the sport young wizards play while at Hoqwarts. Here's a quick instructional video of real world version of the game.

I think my biggest issue with the real world version and the best part of the Harry Potter movie Quidditch game is that the brooms flew. As a male I am concerned about the potential injuries I could receive running around with a stick between my legs. However there is a well known professional athlete that is a big fan of the game, former NFL star Tight End Martellus Bennett. In an interview with TMZ Bennett said the following: "If they take it to the urban community it will [become a national sport].  It's a tough game to play."  But it could be a money-maker, because, quote, "There's more 'Harry Potter' fans than there are NFL fans."  I think the simple way to put this is to appeal to everyone, everyone must be represented.

After seeing this will you start playing Quidditch? I'm still out but that could change after a few cold drinks. Should 104.5 The Team start a Quidditch tournement or league?

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