A group of Giants and 49ers fans gathered outside of Candlestick Park on Sunday for a full-blown brawl.

Before the New York Giants smacked around the San Francisco 49ers 26-3 on Sunday, a group of fans smacked each other around in the parking lot. Although the Giants beat up the Niners on the field, this group of 49er fans whooped the Giants fans. The two guys decked out in Frank Gore (#21) and Vernon Davis (#85) jerseys were throwing roundhouse haymakers.

This is happening more and more at NFL games. It’s sad, but at least nobody got stabbed in this particular fight. There was another incident in San Francisco on Sunday where a fan actually got stabbed by fans that were identified as Niner fans. That’s brutal. It’s a game, people. I understand you’re passionate about your team, but there’s a fine line between passion and outright stupidity.

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