I think all sports fans see what's happening in the MLB with outbreaks on teams like the Miami Marlins and St Louis Cardinals and wonder if there's a better way to stop the spread of COVID-19? Well, I have to say I like the way the Denver Broncos are thinking. The Broncos are making national news because they are having their players walk through a disinfecting "Misting Booth" on their way on and off the practice field.

I realize this is very close to the way fresh produce at most grocery stores is treated BUT I LOVE IT! This could work! I mean we're using hand sanitizer every five seconds and this is basically that for our whole body! Check out the video below from the Daily Mail.

Look here's my thought, I realize if the person walking through the mist has the virus already this does nothing to stop droplets that they spray when talking and breathing but if they merely came in contact with droplets this would kill them. So it's not perfect but it's a start and I'm all in to walk through a cloud of Purell every day if it lowers the chance of spreading the coronavirus! Never thought I'd say this but, good work Broncos.

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