The New York Jets have been awful so far this season ever since quarterback Aaron Rodgers got injured four plays into week one of the season.  Zach Wilson has really struggled so far as a Jet outside of his SNF performance against the Chiefs.  This is a game on Sunday at the Broncos that you want to go get if you're the New York Jets.  Sean Payton made some disrespectful comments to now Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.  That should be enough bulletin board material for the Jets to go win the game.  Below is my quick take on this as seen in the Times Union:

It’s not the headline game in Week 5, but the storylines are endless when the Denver Broncos host the New York Jets on Sunday. The most intriguing is Jets quarterback back Zach Wilson who wants to prove his impressive performance against the Kansas City Chiefs was no fluke. And Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is out to prove that he’s a good coach after being called out by Denver Head Coach Sean Peyton who was extremely critical of the job Hackett did when he was the Head Coach of the Broncos. It all adds up to an intriguing match between two teams who won’t make the playoffs, but worth watching.

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I like the Jets to get a win here and take down the Broncos on the road.  If not, I think Zach Wilson should and needs to be benched.  The Jets need to have a true leader and at least serviceable quarterback under center.

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