The other night I was cruising along the Thruway when I noticed the guy in front of me crossing the white line and pulling back. Then drifting into the next lane momentarily without warning. As I passed him I saw he was paying more attention to his phone than the road!

Distracted driving is a real problem in the Capital Region but how dangerous is New York? I can tell you that we aren't the safest but we rank pretty high and be happy we aren't in New Mexico!

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According to New York Department of Motor Vehicles, it is illegal to use a hand-held mobile telephone or portable electronic device while you drive. If caught, you could get a traffic ticket and be subject to a fine between $50 to $400! You could also have points added to your DMV driving record. have ranked each state in America and I am happy to report that New York is one of the least distracted states in the country. Here is the list.

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