WWE Hall of Famer and 1996 gold medalist, Kurt Angle joined Goz while in Houston for Super Bowl 51. The six-time WWF/WWE champion broke down what life is like for him since leaving wrestling and what it's like to be a Hall of Famer.

Angle discussed his past addiction to pain killers and how he is working to help out those with the same addiction.

"I am an addict. I was on pills for ten years and it got so bad that I thought I shouldn't be here. When I went to rehab, nobody wants to talk about it. They get out and are told to keep quiet, and it wasn't helping anybody," Angle said. "At AngleStrong.com, we have an app that helps guide you through your recovery."

Make sure to catch Levack & Goz all week LIVE from Super Bowl 51 in Houston as they get you ready for the big game!

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