Well that didn't take long. In fact, three home games before Yankee fans starting in on what appears to be their 2012 whipping-post pitcher, Phil Hughes. Hughes was not good up against the Angels on Saturday, nor was he good in his season debut, getting beat up a bit by Tampa in game 3. But really, isn't a bit early to be giving Hughes the business?

I am not in any way opposed to booing. I boo. You pay the fare, you get to boo. However, for a fan base that fancies itself as the most passionate (maybe)  and knowledgeable (don't think so), is it prudent to start the catcalls after one home start?

Hughes gave up 2 runs and 5 hits in 4 and 2/3rds against the Rays. Not good, but better than CC Sabathia or Huroki Kuroda managed against the Rays.

He was worse in his short stint against Albert and the Angels, lasting just 3 and a 3rd and getting slammed for 6 runs and 8 hits, two of those leaving the yard. Hughes E.R.A. is a fat 9. If this were May, I would be booing as well.

But here is my thing. Hughes won 18 games 2 years ago. Last season he spent much of it injured, so what exactly is the beef? The middle of the order was productive, at least against the Angels, but many would tell you this is the main culprit behind the fast ouster from the playoffs last year. What, no boos for 'roid-cheat Arod? Swisher? Even Teixeira? These three guys were the main culprits in last year's fast ouster.

Yet for some strange reason, Yankee fans have decided that Hughes is the guy they will slap around early. Right now, the entire Yankee staff has issues. CC has struggled with control early. Kuroda was awful against TB, but bounced back nicely against the Angels. Freddie Garcia was terrible (again) in a loss to the Twins on Monday night. Heck, even the Hammer of God, Mariano Rivera, lost a ball game in Tampa. Yet it is Hughes getting the beating, at least from the paying customers. Strange indeed!