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Former ValleyCat Hits First HR of 2015 Season
The answer to the trivia question, "Who hit the first HR of the 2015 baseball season?" is former Tri-City ValleyCat J.D. Martinez.
Martinez, a power-hitter for the Tigers, clobbered this Phil Hughes pitch to deep right-center.
Martinez hit ...
Bullpen Can't Hold Lead for Yanks
NEW YORK (AP) -- Phil Hughes pitched eight poised innings in his return to New York and wound up a winner when the Minnesota Twins rallied past the Yankees 7-2 Sunday behind big hits from Josh Willingham and Brian Dozier in a six-run ninth...
Battle For Robbie
My thought is there will be three teams in the running for one of the most talented baseball players on the planet, Robinson Cano.
Pitching Problems
The fact that the Yankees find themselves only 2.5 games out of the final wildcard spot is a tribute to Manager Joe Girardi's ability to maneuver a bullpen and  starting pitching that has been consistent if not special. However as they try and plug holes in their lineup, the Yankees starti…
What Twins-Yanks Has Taught Us So Far
The Yankees and Twins will play a rubber match today before baseball's All-Star break.  CC Sabathia and Kyle Gibson will pitch against each other.  What have we learned about this series up to this point?  Simply this.
Orioles/Yankees Preview
The Birds and Yanks will play three at Yankee Stadium after playing the same amount last weekend at Camden Yards, a series Baltimore swept.  What will happen in this one?  Here is a series preview.
Yankees-Twins Series Preview
The Yanks and Twins play four in Minnesota, capped by an afternoon game on our nation's birthday.  The Yanks are horrendous right now, getting swept in Baltimore and having lost five straight.  The Twins, meantime, come off a four-game series split with Kansas City.  Here is a Ya…
Texas Two Step
It was a rubber-match game and anything can happen in rubber-match games.  Hell, anything can happen in baseball, right John Sterling?  Including a very good pitching performance.  Or, a very good pitching performance and an excellent one.
Rangers-Yankees Series Preview
The Rangers and Yankees play three in the Bronx Tuesday-Thursday.  New York comes off a four-game split with Tampa Bay.  Texas visits New York fresh off a three-game sweep of the Cardinals in St. Louis.  Here is a series preview.

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