Most teams would consider not winning the World Series a "failed season", but when you are the New York Yankees it's a bit more real to say that and team president Randy Levine is saying just that.


The New York Yankees are expected more than any other team in the MLB to win.  This season they once again had a big second half of the season, won the division and had the best record in the American League.  All that is nothing because last night they were eliminated by the Detroit Tigers in round one of the MLB playoffs.  So that is a rap on the 2011 season.  Team president Randy Levine is calling it a failur.

We are the Yankees. That is the way The Boss set it up. When you don't win the World Series, it is a bitter disappointment and not a successful year.


George Steinbrenner had a motto, and that motto was "championship or failure".  So by not winning the World Series, this season will go down in the books as a failed one by the Yankees.  Right now the first order of business is going to be to resign Yankee GM Brian Cashman.  There will be no Jorge Posada next year as he is expected to leave. That will leave Yankee vets Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera as the only remaining members of those championship years in the late 90's and early 2000's.

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