As A die hard Yankees fan I know that we're not loved by everyone. I also know that not all of that dislike is pure jealousy over how many titles the Yankees have. I know that certain fans and more importantly certain members of the Yankees organization are a tough pill to swallow. For me the toughest of those pills is Yankees President Randy Levine.

The Yankees have earned a certain swagger and Levine has  been the team president for a pair of World Series Championships in 200 and 2009 but when your rival is about to raise their fourth banner while you've been in office including one in which they completed the greatest comeback in playoff history and ended an 86 year drought, maybe you shouldn't say you're as good as them. Let me be clear I think the Yankees and Red Sox are very close talent wise and I wouldn't trade the Sox roster for the Yankees but maybe be a little humble at this moment. In a NY Post Article you can see where Levine has zero chill when it comes to the Red Sox.

“I think we’re as good as the Red Sox right now,” Randy Levine said of the Yankees. “I think they had a better postseason than us. … I said that postseason could have gone either way with a couple of innings.

“They have a great team and they’re going to be a really great team for a long time, but I think we’re as good as they are.”

Levine was also at the center of the Yankees vs StubHub battle and his handling of Dellin Betances' Arbitration in my mind is huge reason the reliever hasn't been able to reach his true potential. Levine not only beat Betances in the Arbitration hearing(which is all business and I get him protecting the club's money) he went on to say that Betances' reps were far over valuing the pitcher. Saying the way they talked about Betances would like Levine saying he's an Astronaut instead of Yankees' President. Comments that clearly hurt Betances.

So here's what I'd like to see happen. One I'd like to see the Yankees literally be as good if not better than the Red Sox which might mean some real spending or stop hearing what Randy Levine thinks. Ideally I'd prefer if both things would happen.

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