If you don't like donuts, then I simply donut know what to tell you.

Painful pun aside, donuts (or doughnuts, if you want to spell it that way) are almost universally-beloved. That being said, it's almost impossible to come to an agreement with another person over which donuts are considered best. Even if you find common ground over a flavor or a type, you'll almost never agree on which shop makes the best donuts near you.

The folks at Eat This, Not That did their best to settle these debates across the country, and a creation at an Upstate New York donut shop happened to make their list.

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Yelp-Based Survey Crowns Upstate NY Shop as 'Best Donut Shop' in State

A story done by the online resource Eat This, Not That! sourced information from Yelp reviews to determine the bake shops with the best donut in every state in America.

The term "best" is subjective, so here's what they did to figure it out: they searched for every donut-maker listed on Yelp, and determined the best creations using Yelp's star rating system. That information was then coupled with the amount of reviews that have been left for each shop that mentioned a specific type of donut.


When the stars were counted and the reviews were read, it was determined that the Apple Cider Donut at Lumber Jack's Coffee and Snacks in Hoosick Falls, New York is the best donut in the Empire State!

Lumber Jack's is classic example of if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The drive-thru donut shop offers one type of donut, and one type only. The apple cider donut offered at Lumber Jack's is a truly special creation, and now, it's being recognized as the best one that New York has to offer.


Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth in other areas across the country? Here are the best donut offerings in states surrounding New York on the map:

  • Massachusetts: Boston Cream Donut at Donut Shack in Lowell
  • Connecticut: Jelly Doughnut at Brooklyn Baking in Waterbury
  • Vermont: Apple Cider Donut at Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center
  • New Hampshire: Chocolate Toasted Coconut Donut at Donut Love in North Hampton
  • New Jersey: French Toast Donut at Uncle Dood's Donuts in Toms River
  • Pennsylvania: Maple Nut Cream Donut at Beiler's Bakery in Philadelphia

So, next time you find yourself in one of these areas, give these donuts a try. Even if they aren't your favorite donut of all-time, I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

You'll be eating a donut, after all. It could be worse!

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