Between the majority of NFL stadiums not allowing fans to be in attendance and the New York list of restricted states, you might think there's nowhere you could go and attend a game. You'd be wrong. Here's the list of NFL teams allowing fans in attendance that are not on the New York restricted travel list.

Many people have zero interest in going to a public venue like an NFL stadium right now because of COVID-19. I completely understand your reservations but some of us would like nothing more than to be at a game in person right now. This list is simply NFL teams that have decided to allow fans to attend their games cross-referenced by the New York State restricted travel list. So if you were able to acquire a ticket to one of these games, you could go and even return to New York without being required to quarantine for 14 days.

I plan on updating this list as the rules and guidelines change but right now there are two teams that are accepting fans into the stadium and are deemed safe to travel to by New York.:

Well kids Ohio was added to the list today so they are out:

The Cincinnati Bengals: Paul Brown Stadium in Ohio, will allow 12,000 fans for the teams remaining home games starting on October 26th. So if all things remain the same (which all know is not common in 2020) and you're lucky enough to score tickets, you could be there when the Bengals play the following games: Browns on 10/26, Titans 11/1, Giants 11/26, Cowboys 12/12, Steelers 12/21 and Ravens 1/3

The Cleveland Browns: First Energy Stadium also in Ohio plans on allowing 12,000 fans to home games as well. Here are the games you could possibly attend: Raiders 11/1, Texans 11/15, Eagles 11/22, Ravens 12/20, and Steelers 1/3.

Lincoln Financial Field will allow in 7,500 fans per Adam Schefter.
Ravens 10/18, Giants 10/22, Cowboys 11/1, Seahawks 11/30, Saints 12/13, Washington Football Team 1/3.

Your options remain limited but they do exist! Would you consider going to one of these games? Obviously, COVID-19 protocols have been implemented for both stadiums. For me, I'd love to see Bengals rookie QB Joe Burrow play and with the Raiders going to the Browns plus the Giants playing the Bengals, I would actually love to go.

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