One of my favorite blogs on is Kristi Gustafson Barlette's. She has one today, "You Know You're From the Capital Region When." Check it out here.

Here is my list:

1-You call the twin Bridges the Dolly Partons
2-You know what Nipper is
3-You've seen Blotto at least 10 times
4-You remember Northern Lights in Clifton Park
5-You remember when Larry The Cable Guy played Northern Lights in Clifton Park
6- You've eaten at Jacks
7-Hollow Road is where the Allens live
8-Scarie County
9-Clifton Park was farmland
10-You could get drunk at a radio station event at 8 a.m.
11-You know there is no Exit 3 on the Northway
12-You call it the Northway
13-Fort Edward still had Indians
14-40,000 people worked at GE
15-Lark Street still had hippies
16-Jumpin Jacks was a must
17- You know Glenn Sanders Mansion is haunted
18- You know where Cohoes is