Only one non-Seattle athlete has really cracked the mold: Allen Iverson.

Quite frankly: If you are an athlete that doesn't have a tie to Seattle, I haven't had much time for you historically.

Ken Griffey Jr. is my all-time favorite athlete, Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, Ichiro, Felix Hernandez, Kyle Seager -- all former or current Mariners that I love.

Even Adrian Beltre, who spent a few inglorious seasons with the M's -- I love him too.

Russell Wilson, Joey Galloway, Gary Payton, Richard Sherman, Shawn Springs, Detlef Schrempf -- current or former Seahawks and Sonics that I love.

Nate Robinson gets a soft spot from me for having played at the University of Washington and Jamal Crawford gets points for just having been FROM the city.

As I've gotten older, I've softened a bit. I respect a lot of people's games, and I enjoy watching guys play, but I don't "ooo-and-awe" on guys if they aren't tied to Seattle.

Mike Trout is amazing. Tom Brady is amazing. Steph Curry is amazing. I respect them all, even if I don't love them.

But with Iverson, it's different.

AI was one of the best. From his toughness, to his scoring ability, to his ability to take over a game, to his crossover. He could do it all.

He was brash. He was cocky. He caused problems.

But man, was he fun to watch. All that came to me again last night when I finally watched "Iverson," the documentary that appeared on Showtime recently.

Who is an athlete you've loved that didn't play on one of your teams?

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