This isn't the first time that ATVs and snowmobiles have been allowed to drive, like cars, on the village streets in Lake George. However, not everyone is happy about it.

Lake George Village Mayor, Robert Blais, said that snowmobile and STV traffic is again allowed on the streets throughout the winter months.

Why Are Snowmobiles and ATVs Able to Drive in the Village?

Mayor Blais said that the main reason for allowing ATVs and snowmobiles to drive on village streets is to come directly off Lake George after riding on the ice and easily visit businesses throughout the village according to the Post Star.

Not Everyone Likes The Idea of Snowmobiles and ATVs on Village Streets

Every year it is brought up in front of the Village of Lake George board and it is proposed then passed. John Root, who sits on the board is against the snow vehicles on the streets. He said:

I just don’t think this makes any sense. I will say the same thing I said last year, I think the village should be promoting pedestrian activity and protect pedestrians, not promote motorist traffic. Why do we have to have ATVs in Shepard’s Park or on the lakefront walkway?

He is also worried about the amount of noise it creates. He thinks that noise pollution is going to be a big problem.

How Does the Village Control Which Snow Vehicles are on the Roadways?

The Village of Lake George along with the Warren County Sheriff's Office will pull over the vehicles that aren't in the designated areas. The streets throughout the village will be marked and labeled clearly so that snowmobilers and those riding ATVs off of the ice and onto the streets know which ones to use.

Maps Will Be Available For Riders to Know Where They Can Go

The Chamber of Commerce of the Village of Lake George and Winter Carnival organizers will have maps to give out to all who visit Lake George Village and they will be informed that they can come right off the ice and into Lake George Village.

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