"We Stink". Thats what Knicks coach Mike D'antoni said after the ugly 99-82 loss to the LA Lakers Thursday night. Ok coach no argument from me. That makes 2 straight dreadful performances by the Knicks as they got bushwhacked by the Warriors the day before. That vaunted Knicks offense that D'antoni preaches has been missing. Front court 2012 has been lacking especially Tyson Chandler.

The last leg on this 3 game left coast trip is tonight in Sacremento. Lets face it the Kings are young and not very good. In fact the Kings are the youngest team in the NBA  featuring mostly 1st and 2nd year players. However the Kings aren't a team to be taken lightly. Will be fun to watch Jimmer try and beat his home state team. Would have loved to see Knicks 1st round pick Iman Shummpert try and check the Jimmer, However Shummpert will sit it out as will Amare Stoudemire who sprained his ankle in the Laker debacle.

Knicks fans  who are expecting much from this club will need to be realistic. The team badly needs a playmaking guard. The offense looks stagnent and  dull. It will be interesting to see if Chandler tries to be more assertive on the offensive end with Amare on the pine. He will need to or teams will double and perhaps triple Carmelo. An 0-3 road trip will not endear to Knicks fans or the local media