NY Knicks

Knicks’ Rookie Kevin Knox Is Exciting!
New York Knicks' 2018 first round draft pick Kevin Knox is super exciting and fun to watch. In the Summer league game against the Atlanta Hawks he was a dunking machine scoring 22 points and drawing four fowls on apposing players. The kid jumps out of the gym and has no fear when it comes to co…
Levack & Goz Ask Alan Hahn If The Knicks Will Trade Their Pick? [AUDIO]
Alan Hahn covers the Knicks for ESPN 98.7 FM and on TV. He has been covering the Knicks NBA draft options from even before we knew they had the 9th overall pick. So now that the Draft is only weeks away what does Hahn expect the Knicks to do and what does he hope they do with the 9th overall pick?

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