Believe it or not, there are only 42 games remaining in the final regular season of the storied career of New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera. With the playoffs looking unlikely for the Yankees this season, it's also possible that these next 42 games will be it for the most storied closer in baseball history.

In honor of the Yankees legend, we here at 104.5 The Team have decided to pay tribute to Rivera in these last 42 games by counting down the 42 greatest, most influential, most quintessential Mariano Rivera moments from throughout his career, recounting the good, the bad, and everything that made him such a legend.

The countdown starts at number 42, which is a recent moment from Mo, thus one that is not nearly as powerful as some of those from earlier in his career. However, as the career of the player on the other side of this moment continues to develop, this moment may look much more impressive, especially if he can continue playing like he is in his rookie season.

The 42nd greatest moment in our 42 for 42 countdown is Mariano Rivera's strikeout of Yasiel Puig from the 2013 season.

Puig has taken the baseball world by storm this season, combining his speed, power, strong arm and all-around athleticism into a phenomenon that breathed life into a baseball season where storylines were lacking at times.

This matchup between Puig and Rivera was captivating, not only because it was a matchup between two very skilled players, but also because it pitted Rivera, one of the last great players to come up in the 1990s with Puig, who was in his first season. It was the ultimate battle between the old school and the new school, one that Rivera won, in typical Mariano Rivera fashion, as he's done so many times since becoming a Yankee in 1995, when I was just four years old.

Be on the lookout for more great Mariano Rivera Mo-ments in our 42 for 42 countdown on each New York Yankees game day.