For most pitchers, allowing 5 runs in 6 innings is no reason to brag. But Mike Pelfrey is not just most pitchers. He is the Mets #2 starter as of now. The Mets are in BIG TROUBLE.

The Big righthander- a bum, from my viewpoint- is feeling better about himself after get tattooed by the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday. Final line score for big Pelf- 6 innings, 5 runs, 4 earned and 8 hits. Oh, did I mention that the Cards sat Carlos Beltran, Matt Holliday and 3rd baseman David Freese? Feeling all warm and fuzzy, Mets fans? Holy failure does this guy suck!

The 6-foot-7 Pelfrey has been a HUUUUGE disappointment to Mets fans for virtually his entire career, save for one season, but yet he sees positives about being blasted by the Cards backups and Spring training meat. A pitcher worth his salt and his salary would be disappointed but, not big Pelf. No, he compared it to his previous start- when against the often-challenged Astros, the big waste  gave up 8 runs in 2 and 2/3rds of work. YIKES!

Here was stiff Pelfrey's reaction after his "successful" outing vs the mostly-AAA Cards:  " I was actually pretty pleased with today".  Wow, what's worse- his pitching, or his comprehension of how bad his pitching is? He went on to say, "The ball actually came out even better than it did last time." I can only add one thing to this-LOL..LOL.

Pelfrey has started 4 games this spring. His E.R.A. is almost as high as the gas prices, standing at 11.49. Of course, as most baseball players are known to do, Pelfrey ran for the bottle of excuses, blaming some high ankle sprain for his previous troubles. Isn't it amazing how baseball, the least of physical sports, has the most players blaming failure on a bump, a bruise, or an injury of some sort?

Let me give it to you straight, Mr. Pelfrey- You suck! You are a big waste of space. A titanic disappointment and frankly, I am sick of you. Please save some dignity and ask the Mets to cut you loose. I would rather watch a Harvey or Wheeler struggle in the Bigs than listen to you whine about some ankle boo-boo- especially when you take your paycheck without a limp!