Adam Greenberg is a baseball player and he fulfilled his dream back in 2005 when he got his first shot in the big leagues. Sadly though, Greenberg's dream became his nightmare when in his first at bat for the Chicago Cubs, on the first pitch thrown his way by Florida Marlins pitcher Valerio Del Los Santos, he was hit in the head and knocked out of the game and the major leagues.

For years Greenberg suffered from several ailments traced to that pitch, including concussions, vertigo, constant headaches, double vision, and a few other troubles.

Greenberg went through rehab but never could make it back to the bigs, until next Tuesday that is. On the penultimate day of the year, the Marlins, now known as the Miami Marlins, have granted Greenberg his wish. Greenberg will suit up and get an at bat against the New York Mets and Cy Young candidate R.A. Dickey.

A campaign by filmmaker Matt Liston led to this moment. Major League Baseball hall of famer George Brett signed on as well. 20,000 signatures from fans in an online petition also helped and baseball commissioner Bud Selig helped as well by allowing a special exemption for the Marlins to sign Greenberg to a one day contract.

Greenberg has toiled a bit in the minors and Independent Leagues. He even faced Del Los Santos  in a game in the independents last year. Greenberg also played a bit for the Israeli team that failed to qualify for the World Baseball Classic.

Greenberg said on the Today Show on NBC that he is ready for this moment, a moment he has waited for all his life, a moment that seemed to come to a halt when a fastball struck his head.

As a Met fan, unless Dickey is pitching a no hitter, I will be rooting for Adam Greenberg to achieve his dream and get that base hit. Could you imagine if Dickey, who is a great story himself, is pitching a no-no when the moment happens next Tuesday in Marlins park? I'll definitely be talking about this story on my show today ("Game On with Bruce Jacobs" on 104.5 "The Team" ESPN Radio from 3-7 p.m.).