Florida Marlins

Adam Greenberg’s Amazing Story – Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Adam Greenberg is a baseball player and he fulfilled his dream back in 2005 when he got his first shot in the big leagues. Sadly though, Greenberg's dream became his nightmare when in his first at bat for the Chicago Cubs, on the first pitch thrown his way by Florida Marlins pitcher Valerio Del…
Jose Reyes Escapes
Well Met fans you won't have Jose Reyes to kick around anymore. The guy who at 1 time was in a heated debate about the best NY Shortstop (no I didn't pick him over Derek Jeter) is now a Florida Marlin. If this isn't rock bottom-for now-for a Met fan what is...
The Miami Marlins Show Off New Uniforms [VIDEO]
On Friday night, the Florida Marlins became no longer, officially changing their name to the Miami Marlins at a ceremony at the team’s new unfinished ballpark.
The name change came as part of more sweeping changes to the club, which also also involved the unveiling of a new logo, unif…
Ozzie Guillen To Be Traded to Marlins
Usually you hear about players being traded between two teams for other players or cash. But there is a rare trade being discussed in the Windy City.
Find out if Ozzie Guillen has managed his last game in Chicago.