Announcer James Bates was the victim of a weak stool.  At least the stool didn't break at a horrible time like when he was doing live TV.  Wait, that's exactly what happened.

I give James Bates credit for trying to power through this live shot.  It's not easy to try to brush aside your stool breaking directly underneath you while you're on live television.  I thought James Bates did a good job of not being flustered by the mayhem that was going on.  Steve Wolf was pretty distracted (and who can blame him), but James Bates was cool under fire. 

The line about it being a big-time game but not "a big-time stool" was funny.  Xavier ended up beating Dayton in overtime if you're curious.  By the way, James Bates was actually a defensive captain as a linebacker for the 1996 Florida Gators national championship team.  Not bad, James.  Props on keeping your cool on live TV too.

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