When you hear steroids and athlete most think baseball player or cyclist. Think again. For "only" the eighth time, an NBA player has failed a steroid test and been suspended. Hedo Terkoglu of the Orlando Magic is the guilty party this time.

The Orlando forward is just the eighth player banned by the NBA for using performance enhancers. He is the second player from the Magic joining former Orlando guard Rashard Lewis.

Turkoglu apologized to the fans and organization. He claims he didn't know what he was using when visiting a doctor in his native Turkey over the summer. Turkoglu claims he went to see a doctor about a shoulder injury and took medicine he didn't know contained a banned substance. The steroid in question is methenolone, an anabolic steroid.

In his gathering with the press on Wednesday Turkoglu said "as a player, this is the worst situation that you want to be in. I am just sorry to put the organization in this situation. I should have double checked and researched and shouldn't be in this situation."

Turkoglu said he was tested in December and learned of his suspension on Tuesday.

Orlando GM Ron Hennigan when asked about what will be the future for Turkoglu in Orlando said "I think we are going to get through this step and we will worry about the summer when the summer comes."

Turkoglu has one year left on his current contract and will make $11.8 million. However, only a portion of the last year is guaranteed.  Turkoglu is in his 12th year in the NBA and has put up career low numbers this season of 2.9 points per game with 2.1 assists and 2.4 rebounds per game.