The Carolina Panthers are 11-0 after a throttling of the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. After that win, the Panthers continue to have a firm grasp on the NFCs top seed in the playoffs. They also have an opportunity to gain home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Josh Sims of Fox 46 in Charlotte joined Brady and Goz on Friday, who were filling in for Armen and Levack.

Sims talked on Josh Norman, who is becoming one of the best defensive backs in the NFL, why the public doesn't seem to like Cam Newton, what makes the Panthers so good and more.

Furthermore, Sims talked about the home-field advantage that the Panthers have at home and if the Giants are the biggest threat on the remaining schedule to the Panthers undefeated season.

And also, finally, is Cam Newton the MVP? Or does that still go to Tom Brady?

Sims used to work for News 10 here in Albany before heading to Charlotte.